Wednesday, April 22, 2015

S is for Sparks - April A to Z Blog Challenge

Trent came out of work and found his tires slit, and a note on his windshield.

“Where’s my wife you bastard? I’m going to find her, she will come back to me. I will make you sorry you ever fucked with MY wife. I know where you live.”

He knows who did it, but can’t prove it. But he files a police a report, and asks if they can check out Cole.

“No sir, I’m sorry, there is no proof that he had anything to do with this, and until there is, there isn’t much we can do” states the officer.

Cole implores “Don’t you see my life could be in danger, here”

“Well, if you have a physical confrontation with him, call us, then we can do something. In the meantime, maybe you shouldn’t screw around with someone else’s wife”

“Thank you officer, for that sage advice. I’m not screwing around with anyone’s wife, they have been divorced for two years. He is stalking us both now.”

“Be sure and call us if anything else happens” says the officer as he gets in his cruiser to leave the scene.

Trent decides then and there that it apparently is up to him to do whatever necessary to keep himself and Abby safe. The realization hits him, that he is going to have to be very careful now. Cole knows where he is and evidently that he and Abby are involved. So now Trent has to make sure that in no way does he lead Cole to Abby.

When Trent gets home, he grabs a Mountain Dew, plops down in his recliner, and contemplates what if anything to tell Abby about this. He doesn’t want to frighten her, but he feels she needs to know to be aware. He finally breaks down and succumbs to the notion that he needs to tell her. He is NOT looking forward to this conversation.

“Hi Sweetness, how is your day going?”

“I’m having a good day, that just turned great, because you called. How was your day, did your meeting go well?” Abby asks cheerfully.

“The meeting was successful and my day was fine. But I have some unsettling news I need to tell you. When I came out of work today, my tires were slit and there was a note on my truck. I know it was from Cole. I filed a police report, but they say there is no evidence it was Cole and there isn’t much they can do.”

“Oh crap, this is bad. Trent we have to figure out what we can do. I know the cops will be no help, they weren’t for me and they weren’t for Julia either. I have to figure out how to throw Cole off your scent. I cannot have you getting hurt or worse. Crap crap crap, I have to figure out what I can do from here.” Abby is terrified now, not for herself, but for Trent. He doesn’t deserve this, well, actually she is figuring out that she doesn’t deserve it either, but that is beside the point.

Trent panics at her words. “ Whoa whoa whoa, you cannot get involved in this. You have to trust me. I’m thinking on it, and I will call my brother Tommy to see what he thinks we can do, maybe his experience with the FBI will give him some insight. But Abby Please! Let me deal with this.”

“Trent you wouldn’t be in danger if it wasn’t for me. I need to figure out what I can say to Cole to make him think he is barking up the wrong tree. If I can figure it out, I can send him an email. Maybe I will tell him I am coming back to town and we need to talk. That should get him off your tail at least for a while. Then we can figure out what to do. What did the note say?”

He read her the note, then told her “ Abby, No. That would be playing right into his hands. Plus if he has any friends in IT they could trace your IP address and he would know where you are. He still thinks you are his wife. He is seriously delusional. Please please don’t do anything. Let me talk to Tommy. I’m ok and I will be ok, I promise, but you cannot do anything that might lead him to you, I’m too far away to help protect you if he finds out where you are. You are mighty important to me, please don’t add more stress by making me worry what you are going to do.”

Abby responded “Please call me and let me know what Tommy says.”

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