Monday, April 13, 2015

K is for Kettle of Fish - April A to Z Blog Challenge

Abby had sold, given away, donated or trashed everything she owned that didn’t fit in her two large suitcases. She had purchased an airline ticket, rented an apartment a world away, and was on the road to making some big changes.

She was covering her tracks. The rental car was loaded and she was making a five hundred mile journey to get to the Ecuadorian consulate, by way of back roads, staying in cheap hotels where she paid with cash. Five days to travel five hundred miles.

But her nights were blissful, because she got to talk to Trent. Every night she promised herself an early bedtime, but she just couldn’t help herself. They talked and talked and talked. And she laughed. It had been so long the sound startled her at first, but it became a warm elixir to her soul. She found herself smiling for no particular reason, despite virtually no sleep her eyes were alive with a discernible sparkle, she felt lighter, more agile, more energetic. Truthfully, she felt like she was 16 again.

And she was leaving. Going three thousand miles away. Wasn’t this just a fine kettle of fish. She was finally happy and was leaving it behind. She didn’t know how long the bliss would last, she felt sure it was just the newness of the situation, but she knew she was going to ride the happiness train for as long as it lasted. When it all came crashing down around her, it would hurt, it would hurt bad. But she was a survivor, she had outlived and out run much worse, and she knew she would continue to go on. But for now, she was holding on, holding on tight, and would do everything in her power to keep the relationship and the sensations alive for as long as she could. Everything that is, except stay.

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Scarlett Braden
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  1. First time here from A to Z! Is this part of a larger story?

    2015 A to Z Blogger
    Visions of Other Worlds

  2. Yes maam, little blurbs throughout the A to Z. Thanks for stopping by! (Started with C)


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