Friday, March 6, 2015

New Things

Yep. I'm doing it. I'm writing a blog. What inspired me to write a blog you ask? Pull up a chair, sit a spell and I will tell you the story.

At the age of 49, having been somewhat forced into early retirement from my job, motherhood, and being a wife, I decided to embark on the first real adventure of my life.

Being who I am, that didn't mean riding a bull, buying a motorcycle, or getting a tattoo. No, those would have been too easy. Instead, I sold or gave away all of my earthly possessions (save what would fit in two suitcases), parted with the many boxes of sentimental keepsakes, and moved to a new country, a new continent, a new culture, with a new language. Nope, no sissy adventure for this girl. Along with this new found adventure, I made myself one promise. Do things I've never done before. Five months into the Great Adventure I can say I'm keeping my promise. I will expand on that in later posts, but it's where my story begins. 

Throughout my life, I've toyed with the idea of writing. I suppose that is only natural for someone who loves to read. At various stages in my life, I've even had people tell me, “You should write”. I would shrug and say “Maybe some day”. In my mind, my sister is the writer in the family – that is her dream. More and more people keep bringing it up, and I suppose the only reason not to try at this stage in my life is my own fear and lack of confidence. 

When I was leaving for Ecuador, my sister gave me a journal and a collection of pens with a stern, “Write about your adventures or anything you like, just WRITE!”. My aunt said, “Please write about your adventure and your life, people will read it”. Since I have been here, another handful of people have said “You should write”, “You're a great story teller”, etc.

My mom has finally really been pushing me to, and anyone who knows Nana knows she doesn't give up. Ever. Yesterday, I finally admitted to giving it some thought, but also listed the long list of reasons not to do any such thing. Mom reminded me that our good friend here in Cuenca, who is an author, has started a writer's support group and that I should go. Well, of course, “reminded me” is an inaccurate word, because I had not forgotten. I simply told her “I'm not a writer”.

Today I shared with mom a facebook exchange I had with a lady who is moving here later this month. As we are sitting on my bed, me reading the conversation, she suddenly leaps off the bed and exclaims "See, you should be writing! That description of Cuenca is great and Donna says that's the hardest part and you are good at it!”. Still somewhat stunned by the energetic outburst, I quipped, “Great maybe we can collaborate. Donna can write the story and I'll write the descriptions”. Bad mistake. Nana's new mission is for me to contact Donna and talk to her. I have no intention of doing any such thing. Our Donna is a very busy lady. Again, I explain to her all the reasons, I don't think I can write. She is not convinced or appeased and somehow still thinks this is a great idea. After another handful of instances of her popping in to ask if I have messaged Donna yet, I cave and I send a message. A message loosely to the effect that I know she is busy, but some time could we have a conversation about writing Maybe she could give me some advise and hopefully some more convincing reasons to NOT write. I mean after all, if I could say....”Donna said” maybe Nana would drop it.

I should have known better, really, I should have. Because Donna is such a caring, helping, positive soul, I thought she would help me. I overlooked the fact that, of course, she was going to side with Team Write. Her first bit of advise...Join the writer's group. Yes ma'am. I did. I joined the facebook group, signed up for the newsletter, bookmarked the website and put the next meeting on my calendar. In ink.

Then I received another message from my generous, positive friend that read “You need to blog, I will set it up for you, come up with a name and what are your favorite colors?” Yes ma'am. I did, and I kid you not, ten minutes later she sent me an invitation to MY blog. After a little tweaking of the designs, she turned it over to me and repeated a mantra that seems to be on the wind in my new beloved country...”Now Write...a blog”. Yes ma'am.

Welcome to Chica in Cuenca. Come on in and sit a spell. I plan to tell you a story.

A special thanks to D.B.McNicol!

Scarlett Braden
in Cuenca, Living the good life!

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  1. Great first blog! Needless to say, I added a link to my blog. ;)


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